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Sun Drenched and Bleeding

“Sun Drenched and Bleeding” By: Louie Tucci I recently sat in the audience for the premiere of French visual artist Loic Zimmermann’s documentary, “Gamma Wray-The Painter’s Journey”. For forty or so minutes, I wrestled to keep myself still. The excitement of going behind the curtain, where process and workflow are traditionally guarded trade secrets separating master and apprentice, was too much to bear. Seatbelt fastened. If you are unfamiliar with Southern California artist William Wray, that’s about to change and Loic Zimmermann is leading the charge. Notable for his work as a cartoonist and landscape painter, Zimmermann’s recent documentary strips back the layers to reveal in William Wray, a modern impressionist pushing the physical boundaries of both material and canvas. Zimmermann’s lens takes the already electrically charged work of this modern master and exposes Wray as a man on a noble mission. The journey spans the wastelands of the California desert and almost forgotten regi…

A New Awakening

“A New Awakening” By: Louie Tucci

Sometimes you get the chance to watch history being written while at the same time, living in the moment and off the cuff. If you’re lucky, the entire experience appears like an old silent film waiting to be infused with the soundtrack of your life. This is what it feels like to take part in the industry’s most electric meeting of the minds. The Trojan Horse Was A Unicorn may have a strange name and take place far from the usual haunts typically associated with computer graphics conferences, but in all reality, it couldn’t happen any other way!

Tucked far from the noisy streets of Europe and surrounded by water, a point much debated by artists and attendees across the entire 4 day event, THU awakens the island of Troia at a time most would consider “off season”. Rest assured, with a collection of globally recognized artists, visionaries and over the top, talented attendees making the journey, there’s no “off” button in sight.

Only a short drive from Lis…