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Sun Drenched and Bleeding

“Sun Drenched and Bleeding” By: Louie Tucci I recently sat in the audience for the premiere of French visual artist Loic Zimmermann’s documentary, “Gamma Wray-The Painter’s Journey”. For forty or so minutes, I wrestled to keep myself still. The excitement of going behind the curtain, where process and workflow are traditionally guarded trade secrets separating master and apprentice, was too much to bear. Seatbelt fastened. If you are unfamiliar with Southern California artist William Wray, that’s about to change and Loic Zimmermann is leading the charge. Notable for his work as a cartoonist and landscape painter, Zimmermann’s recent documentary strips back the layers to reveal in William Wray, a modern impressionist pushing the physical boundaries of both material and canvas. Zimmermann’s lens takes the already electrically charged work of this modern master and exposes Wray as a man on a noble mission. The journey spans the wastelands of the California desert and almost forgotten regi…

A New Awakening

“A New Awakening” By: Louie Tucci

Sometimes you get the chance to watch history being written while at the same time, living in the moment and off the cuff. If you’re lucky, the entire experience appears like an old silent film waiting to be infused with the soundtrack of your life. This is what it feels like to take part in the industry’s most electric meeting of the minds. The Trojan Horse Was A Unicorn may have a strange name and take place far from the usual haunts typically associated with computer graphics conferences, but in all reality, it couldn’t happen any other way!

Tucked far from the noisy streets of Europe and surrounded by water, a point much debated by artists and attendees across the entire 4 day event, THU awakens the island of Troia at a time most would consider “off season”. Rest assured, with a collection of globally recognized artists, visionaries and over the top, talented attendees making the journey, there’s no “off” button in sight.

Only a short drive from Lis…

Trojan Horse Was A Unicorn 2014

I will be speaking at Trojan Horse Was A Unicorn 2014 LIVE in Portugal! This is an incredible honour and I can't thank the organizers enough for including me!

"Sharing the stage with a diverse, high caliber group of artists and thought provokers is something I treasure." Louie Tucci

3D Creative Magazine August 2014 "Pursuing A Diverse Industry Career"

I am honoured to have a collection of new and old works included in the August 2014 issue of 3D Creative Magazine. You can read the full article at,

"Mouthful of Goodness" ZBrush 2014

"Grabbing Hold" Pencil and Ink on paper/Photoshop 11x17 

"Mother and Child" Pencil and Ink on paper/Photoshop 11x17 

"Warrior Horse" Pencil and Ink on paper/Photoshop (top left) 11x17 

"NYC Ogre" ZBrush, Photoshop

"3D printing provides artists with the tools needed to produce physical objects, born in the digital realm." Louie Tucci

"Mouthful of Goodness" Polyurethane, MakerBot Replicator 2 7"x6"  

"Mouthful of Goodness" Finally off the screen and in my hands!

"3D printing bridges the gap between the screen and reality. Having the capacity to hold what was conceived in the digital realm as a physical object creates an incredible new connection between the artist and his/her work." Louie Tucci

"Mouthful of Goodness" Polyurethane ZBrush/MakerBot Replicator 2


Welcome! You just gained access to an often unseen and undiscovered side of Louie Tucci. Enjoy!


"In spite of everything I shall rise again: I will take up my pencil, which I have forsaken in my great discouragement, and I will go on with my drawing." Vincent Van Gogh 
"Self Portrait" pencil on paper 4"x6".
"My truest expression comes when I physically interact with the medium. When that visceral energy from within is able to communicate by the act of "touch" with pencil, brush, paper or even fingers for that matter. That's how I deliver the visual message from within. That's what gets me going." Louie Tucci


"We have actively moved away from tradition and instead, gravitated toward immediate self-expression or the "modern". However many arguments are posed in the contrary, the classic manner of observation and scrutiny of subject engages the artist in the mentally challenging task of analyzing the figure, his or her place in time as an artist and how this relates to those that have gone before and have yet to come." Louie Tucci
"Richard" pencil and charcoal on paper 17"x14"
"Richard" (detail) pencil and charcoal on paper 17"x14" 
"These works represent a classical approach to drawing. The "long pose" strikes at the chord of inquiry and inspiration while unlocking the inner most thoughts of the observer." Louie Tucci 

"Swing Low" charcoal and chalk on paper 17"x14"

"Mr.Unknown" charcoal on paper 17"x14"
"There is a quiet that overcomes the artist who is actively engaged in…


"Technology gives artists opportunities to express themselves in new ways. It's like shifting from acoustic guitar to electric. There's another layer of creative potential waiting to be explored." Louie Tucci
"1967 Ferrari 312 F1" Maya, Photoshop
"This is an Insert Multi-Mesh Brush (IMM Toon) created by me and shipped with your copy of ZBrush." Louie Tucci
"NYC Ogre" ZBrush, Photoshop
"Roy SpeedBombs Rudder and Burgess the Rat" ZBrush demo for CTN conference. 
"The Fly" work in progress ZBrush
"My pursuit for new methods of illustrating continues to influence how I interact with computer aided design packages." Louie Tucci
"Batman: Pink Parade" ZBrush, Photoshop printed on paper for CTN Expo 2013

to be continued...