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ZBrush Summit Interview Series

Over the last few years I've had the distinct honor of playing interviewer/host for the ZBrush Summit. The ZBrush Summit is an annual event meant to unite, inspire and inform design professionals and artists from around the globe. ZBrush is a remarkable design tool that helped transform my life and career. Presented here are a few magic moments spent with some of the world's finest!  This first interview features television personalities Glenn Hetrick and Neville Page of Syfy Network's "Face Off" fame. Stay in the clay!

Greetings from "The General"

I recently completed this piece in an effort to inspire my students at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects here in Hollywood. The piece was inspired by my interest in Hellboy and comic books in general. The piece was designed and sculpted inside ZBrush with some post-processing done in Photoshop. In the end, "The General" represents a classic throwback character with a hint of science fiction thrown in for posterity!