"We have actively moved away from tradition and instead, gravitated toward immediate self-expression or the "modern". However many arguments are posed in the contrary, the classic manner of observation and scrutiny of subject engages the artist in the mentally challenging task of analyzing the figure, his or her place in time as an artist and how this relates to those that have gone before and have yet to come." Louie Tucci

"Richard" pencil and charcoal on paper 17"x14"

"Richard" (detail) pencil and charcoal on paper 17"x14" 

"These works represent a classical approach to drawing. The "long pose" strikes at the chord of inquiry and inspiration while unlocking the inner most thoughts of the observer." Louie Tucci 

"Swing Low" charcoal and chalk on paper 17"x14"

"Mr.Unknown" charcoal on paper 17"x14"

"There is a quiet that overcomes the artist who is actively engaged in capturing the subject. That quiet has no equal in monetary terms. It remains an intangible that drives me." Louie Tucci

"The Gift" oil on board 11"x14"


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