3D Creative Magazine August 2014 "Pursuing A Diverse Industry Career"

I am honoured to have a collection of new and old works included in the August 2014 issue of 3D Creative Magazine. You can read the full article at,

"Mouthful of Goodness" ZBrush 2014

"Grabbing Hold" Pencil and Ink on paper/Photoshop 11x17 

"Mother and Child" Pencil and Ink on paper/Photoshop 11x17 

"Warrior Horse" Pencil and Ink on paper/Photoshop (top left) 11x17 

"NYC Ogre" ZBrush, Photoshop

"3D printing provides artists with the tools needed to produce physical objects, born in the digital realm." Louie Tucci

"Mouthful of Goodness" Polyurethane, MakerBot Replicator 2 7"x6"  


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